Top 10 most DEVASTATING signature moves in the UFC

Friday, April 20, 2018

Just about every MMA fighter has certain go-to moves and techniques that they are exceptionally good with that they count on to get the finish in almost all of their fights.

From Conor McGregor’s straight left hand to Cody Mackenzie’s guillotine, sometimes fighters just have a certain knack and aptitude for certain techniques, and this can perhaps be due to their body-type or sometimes just what techniques suit their interests the most.

In this video from YouTube channel, MMA Release, we see some of the best signature moves ever in the UFC from fighters that we all know and to watch love compete.

One such fighter featured in this video is Roy Nelson who is currently competing in Bellator now but still had some classic KO wins in the UFC.

His signature move is obviously the big overhand right punch that he used to knock out some great fighters like Big Nog, Stefan Struve, Brendan Schaub, and Matt Mitrione in their first fight which was in the UFC.

Also appearing in this video is Conor McGregor for his straight left-hand punch. Compared to other knockout punchers who tend to be ‘loopy’ with their technique, what’s different about Conor is the amount of power he can generate with a straight punch which Conor often says is more to do with timing and precision.

Check out the video below to see some other great fighters’ signature moves like Jon Jones’ elbows, Donald Cerrone’s head kicks, as well as Ronda Rousey’s trademark armbar. Plus, GSP’s special move that may very well surprise you.

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