UFC fighters who have conquered giants

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In the early days of the UFC, massive size disparities were very common as weight classes weren’t established until UFC 12. Even then, size mismatches were common as there were only 2 weight classes at that point. It wasn’t until the unified rules came into play in 2000 that weight classes really started to come into their own.

Still though, even to this day with all the weight classes, size mismatches can still occur. This is especially true in the heavyweight division as you can weigh anywhere from 205lbs all the way to 265lbs!

In the following video, we see some interesting examples of size mismatches in the UFC that were overcame by the smaller man using superior skill and technique.

UFC flyweight champion and pound for pound great Demetrious Johnson is featured in the video. DJ’s fight with Miguel Torres at UFC 130 involved a pretty big size difference that DJ was able to overcome. Though 5’9″ is hardly considered to be a ‘giant,’ compared to DJ’s height of 5’3″ it is quite a lot to overcome in terms of size and reach. DJ was able to beat him via unanimous decision.

Also featured is former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar who was very undersized at 155 but that didn’t stop him from being a champion at that weight. Frankie’s fights with BJ Penn are featured in the video but in his fights with Gray Maynard the size difference was even more apparent. Gray proved to be a handful every time they fought but Frankie managed to weather the storm and win by a brutal KO in their third bout which was for the lightweight championship.

UFC legend and pioneer Royce Gracie is probably the best example of someone who conquered giants back in the early days of the UFC. Weighing only 178 pounds, he was able to overcome the massive size advantage of opponents like Ken Shamrock, Pat Smith, Gerard Gordeau, and even Dan Severn using superior skill and technique that saw him dominate the first few UFCs.

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