UFC legend Chuck Liddell chokes out Steve-O from Jackass

Monday, February 19, 2018

UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell, is one of several celebrities starring in YouTube Red’s adventure series ‘Ultimate Expedition’ in which they are all brought down to Peru to attempt to climb a mountain while having zero previous climbing experience.

In this video from ‘The Ultimate Expedition,’ we see Chuck Liddell use an MMA move on his fellow participant, Steve-O from Jackass, as per his request, that results in Steve-O losing his consciousness.

As we see in the video below, the move Chuck uses on Steve-O is the rear-naked choke and while it wasn’t a specialty of Chuck’s during his career, he is still very clearly adept at applying it.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell chokes out Steve-O from Jackass
UFC legend Chuck Liddell chokes out Steve-O from Jackass

Steve-O has a habit of having fighters choke him out, it seems, as a while back he had former UFC fighter, Tim Kennedy, choke him out on stage at one of his shows then dropped him hard right on his head.

At least Chuck is quite a bit more gentle with it than Kennedy was and places him down gently on the ground then turns him on his side and helps him come to his senses.

‘Ultimate Expedition’ isn’t the only reality show Chuck is involved with as of late as he is also one of the stars on the latest installment of Celebrity Big Brother, starring alongside American Pie star, Shannon Elizabeth, Sugar Ray singer and media personality, Mark McGrath, as well as former Apprentice mouthpiece, Omarosa.

Charles David Liddell (born December 17, 1969) is an American retired mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has an extensive striking background in Kempo, Karate, and Kickboxing, as well as a grappling background in collegiate wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Liddell had 23 fights in the UFC; along with Randy Couture, he is widely credited for bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment. On July 10, 2009, he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. [Source: Wiki]

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