UFC video game’s crazy glitches with hilarious commentary

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This video is a fake commentary video on the video game UFC by EA sports. When the game came out it featured some rare glitches that had fighters doing ridiculous and impossible movements. UFC fans quickly seized on this trend and started posting them.

The youtube personality tommy toe hold compiled all these and did a hilarious fake commentary over top of it. He does decent impersonations of UFC commentators Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan.

The first one is Gustafson getting knocked out immediately as the fight starts. The next features Jon Jones writhing on the floor with his legs in an impossible position.

The fake Mike Goldberg refers to this as “Mummy Guard.” Then Daniel Cormier is completely frozen on the ground with his legs up in a fight against himself. The second Cormier is kicking and punching hopelessly at the air above him.

The next one is legend Chuck Liddell getting KO’d by a psychic knockout from referee Yves Lavigne during a fight with Rashad Evans.

UFC video game's crazy glitches with hilarious commentary
UFC video game’s crazy glitches with hilarious commentary

Then Jones and Gustafson throw simultaneous kicks and Jones is propelled across the cage, in defiance of the laws of physics, as the commentators note.

Another funny glitch is Liz Carmouche punching the air, not realizing that Ronda Rousey has escaped and is kicking her from behind. The funniest is probably the final clip, where at the end of a round Yves Lavigne slices his hand down and Gustafson collapses as if he was knocked out.

The mock Mike Goldberg screams “Yves Lavigne with the big win again, Joe!”

As Tommy toe Hold states in the beginning of the video, these glitches are rare and the game is awesome. Im not sure if that’s just to protect him from liability, but in any case, I am glad we got this entertaining fake commentary video!

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