US Marines demonstrate combatives skills on The Ultimate Fighter

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Professional MMA fighters, particularly at the UFC level, possess the highest level of skill and ability when it comes to unarmed, hand to hand combat. However, when you throw weapons into the mix that is where our armed forces members eclipse the UFC guys like we see in the video below.

In this clip from season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter, we see some marines visit the guys and go over some self-defense type stuff involving weapons and defense against weapons that most MMA guys probably don’t bother with.

Now, this kind of self-defense training against weapons is kind of a double-edged sword in some ways as against a knife or a gun, most experts agree that running away to safety is the best thing to do but it is probably still good to practice this kind of stuff just in case escaping is ever not an option.

For the marines, the stakes at their job are obviously way higher than they are for UFC fighters. Though, it may seem otherwise at times for the fighters who put everything into their craft. But like the Marine says in the video, in the UFC the three possible outcomes are you either win, lose or draw. But for the Marines “There are three outcomes for me – it’s either I get killed, I kill him, or we both die.”

US Marines demonstrate combatives skills on The Ultimate Fighter
US Marines demonstrate combatives skills on The Ultimate Fighter

In one of the more interesting segments from the clip, the Marines bring out the pugil sticks and go head to head with the UFC guys and you can probably guess who comes out on top.

Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter featured coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz who were supposed to fight for a third time once the season was done but Tito got injured and was replaced by Rich Franklin. Chuck ended up fighting Franklin at UFC 115 in Vancouver where Franklin won by first-round knockout and Chuck retired following the loss.

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