What happens when fans trash talk UFC fighters …

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Talking trash between competitors in MMA is a part of the sport and can be used as a way to promote the fight or to try to get in your opponent’s head. However, when ‘fans’ try to do the same and trash talk fighters, that’s a completely different thing.

It takes a special kind of moron to want to talk trash on a professional fighter who could literally dispose of them with one hand tied behind their back. Usually, this kind of trash talk is delivered from the safety of a keyboard or with a great deal of distance separating them but sometimes, these trolls have the gall to do it right to these fighter’s faces.

In this video, we see some such pathetic examples from so-called ‘fans’ who talk trash to UFC fighters and in many cases, the fighters return fire verbally right back at them.

What happens when fans trash talk UFC fighters ...
What happens when fans trash talk UFC fighters …01

One such instance involves UFC and MMA newcomer, as well as former WWE star, CM Punk who deals with a very disrespectful and unruly ‘fan’ and handles it pretty well. Punk probably has to deal with a lot of this kind of crap and say what you will about his fighting ability, at least he had the courage to step into the cage and compete which is more than you can say for the haters in this video.

Although it is not in this particular video, another example of a trash-talking, disrespectful fan is when former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans was doing an autograph signing and some punk asked him to sign a picture of him getting knocked out by Machida.

Rashad handled it well, though, and simply crumpled up the picture and calmly told the guy to take a hike but it is baffling how some people out there think that this kind of thing is okay to do to anyone, let alone a trained killer.

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