Japanese pro wrestling bout turns into horrific real fight

Sunday, February 19, 2017

WARNING: The following footage contains disturbing and brutal footage of a pro wrestling match that gets way out of hand. Discretion is advised.

Pro wrestling is usually pre-choreographed entertainment with the winner determined much before they even get to the ring. They are usually not really hitting each other in there, just making it seem so.

However, in this disturbing footage of a pro wrestling match from Japan, we see a horrific assault take place, that is what this really is.

According to the video description:
‘Yasukawa gets bloodied & swollen & injured in a legit shoot. Actual fight starts at 6:49. Yoshiko retired as a result. Act Yasukawa tried a comeback but retired due to injuries suffered in this match. Version includes promo & angle from before the match. All goes to plan until the match starts. Then things get out of hand. Match needed to stop & restart several times. At times it looks more like mma than pro wrestling. Due to this incident, other wrestlers resigned from the promotion. Nobody knows the motivation for this. February 22nd, 2015 – World Championship Title Match Main Event’

What is equally disturbing about this is the referee and the organizers don’t do anything to stop it after the poor woman takes a serious, prolonged beating. And as if that wasn’t enough they keep sending her back out there to take more from her psychotic and much larger opponent.

It is unclear what led to this, probably a personal feud that occurred behind the scenes or perhaps they went at each other a little too hard in the match prior to this. Whatever the case, it is despicable and hopefully someone got sued over this.

It is good to know that judging from the description that this promotion is probably done with as the other wrestlers involved in this promotion resigned after this took place so it hopefully will never happen again at least under this promotion.

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