Thursday, November 10, 2016 does not condone streetfighting, and this video illustrates some of the most important reasons why. In a sanctioned competition, there are promoters who will hopefully match you fairly with another fighter and a referee will step in if you are unable to defend yourself. In a streetfight, you are taking a lot of risks in an already risky activity.

Maybe you picked a fight with another guy who has no combat sport or martial arts training. Maybe the two of you will roll around in your cargo shorts, desperately trying to throw on a side headlock. Maybe it will end without any serious damage to your body or ego.

Or maybe you picked a fight with an experienced wrestler. Maybe the second you try to throw on that worthless side headlock, he is going to roll you all over the place, using posture and his hips to completely dominate you. Maybe he is going to hit you repeatedly, for several minutes and you are never at any point going to touch or threaten him.

There is a reason that skilled wrestlers do well in the world of mixed martial arts. When there is a disparity in fighting ability between two combatants in a stand-up exchange, one or the other will usually initiate some type of clinch. This may be an attempt to change the setting of the fight, or it may just be to get a reprieve from the beating one of them is taking. With no boundaries, such as ropes or a cage, that clinch will end up dragging the fight to the ground.


In this video, poor Wyatt thinks he is in a fight. But as a bystander puts it so eloquently, “This isn’t a fight. It’s a kid getting his fucking ass kicked.” Never, at any point, did Wyatt manage to do any better than a grappling dummy would.

And the saddest part is when the fight gets stood up and Wyatt has a chance to disengage, his wounded ego gets a hold of him. He again walks forward, hands down, chin up in the universal sign for “I would like to lose the fight now, please.”

And the wrestler obliges.

Mike Pesesko is a personal trainer, martial artist, self-defense enthusiast and writer. He also does not wear cargo shorts. You can hire him to make you less fat or less likely to get your ass kicked at

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