Russian wrestler choked unconscious, comes back to win

Monday, August 15, 2016

Unlike sport jiu-jitsu or submission grappling, it is not legal to submit your opponent. The 2016 Olympic games in Rio feature Greco-Roman wrestling and free style wrestling. The events are similar, but vary in rule sets, but neither allows the application of a submission hold to get your opponent to ‘tap out.’

However, there are times when a wrestlers strong grip and position can cause serious discomfort to their opponent or even cause them to be choked. In the case of this match from this year’s game, Russia’s Roman Vlaslov got himself stuck in a position submission grapplers would call an arm-in guillotine choke. His opponent was trying to use the position to turn Vlaslov to his back, which worked, but also put Roman Vlaslov unconscious.

At this point, the referee rules a pin, but Vlaslov’s coach throws in the challenge mascot. After reviewing, the match is allowed to continue and Vlaslov actually wins on points.

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Roman Vlasov certainly didn’t look like a wrestler on his way to a second gold medal when he was flat on his back, slowly regaining consciousness. But the Russian shook off the cobwebs and finished his victory in the semifinal to earn a spot in the final where he defended his gold.

Vlasov, 25, won the 74-kilogram gold medal in Greco-Roman in the 2012 London Olympics, and snagged the title again in Rio, although the road to victory didn’t come without controversy.

In earlier competition, Vlasov appeared to blow a 6-3 lead to Kim Hyeon-Woo, but judges ruled the South Korean’s move was worth two points rather than four. A challenge of the ruling didn’t go Hyeon-Woo’s way and Vlasov advanced to the quarterfinals with a 6-5 victory.