U.S. President Donald Trump’s takedown game is on-point

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Donald Trump’s “unique” brand of politics may be dividing opinion around the globe, but judging by this WWE clip, surely one thing we can all agree on is that his takedown game seems to be on-point for a man of his advanced years?

Needless to say this WWE appearance happened long before ‘The Donald’ became president – back at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 to be precise, but Trump’s association with the pro-wrestling outfit actually dates back much further than that.

In fact, believe it or not, the current P.O.T.U.S’s was actually inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2013, with it’s owner Vince McMahon going as far as to say that Trump was, “a ‘Wrestlemania’ institution.”

That’s partly due to the fact that Trump hosted both Wrestlemania IV and Wrestlemania V at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City in the late 1980’s, but his biggest contribution was playing a part in the ‘Battle Of The Billionaires’ match opposite McMahon at Wrestlemania 23.

The two business moguls weren’t supposed to be involved themselves – McMahon had sent out his intercontinental champion Umaga to represent him, while Trump had ECW champion (and future MMA fighter) Bobby Lashey as his proxy, with the catch being that one of the two billionaires would get their head shaved if their man lost.

However, the storyline that night called for Trump to body slam McMahon outside the ring, and as the video shows, despite being in his early 60’s at the time, the estimated 6ft 2”, 230lb+ future president was able to pull it off with ease and then casually strolled off.

Lashley would eventually win the match, meaning that Trump got to shave McMahaon’s head afterwards in the ring.

Those who aren’t big fan of Trump in the present day might be pleased to learn that WWE superstar ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin then performed his trademark ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ move on ‘The Donald!’

Trump also has a long association with mixed martial arts, having hosted several UFC events and backed the ill-fated Affliction promotion, while he considers UFC President Dana White a friend and had him speak on his behalf at the Republican National Convention last year.

That being said, the president’s recent travel ban in certain countries could potentially prove to be a headache for the UFC, due to the fact that a few fighters on the roster like Gegard Mousasi, Reza Madadi and Randa Markos hail from either Iran or Iraq.

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