UFC fighters try Mongolian wrestling – doesn’t go as planned

Sunday, September 10, 2017

In this video we see a couple of UFC fighters try their hand at Mongolian wrestling and it doesn’t go like you’d necessarily expect.

The UFC fighters seen in this video are Yoshihiro Akiyama, better known by his nickname of ‘Sexyama’ as well as Dong Hyun Kim who’s also known as ‘Stun Gun.’ Both are longtime UFC veterans and experienced grapplers so you would assume that they would do pretty well here against the locals.

Now, Mongolian folk wrestling, also known as Bökh, is a little different than regular wrestling like these UFC fighters are probably more used to though. Under most rules in Mongolian wrestling, whoever touches the ground with anything other than a foot first loses the match. There are also other rule-sets, too, though, depending on the region, which includes trying to make your opponent’s upper body, knee or elbow touch the ground.

You would think that these sort of rules would suit Akiyama well, who’s a high-level judo champion, but surprisingly enough he loses here pretty handily.

The ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim at least fares quite a bit better here than his pal Akiyama did. Check out the video below to see how he does.

Mongolian wrestling, known as Bökh is the folk wrestling style of Mongols in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and other regions where touching the ground with anything other than a foot loses the match. Bökh means “durability”. Wrestling is the most important of the Mongolian culture’s historic “Three Manly Skills”, that also include horsemanship and archery. Genghis Khan considered wrestling to be an important way to keep his army in good physical shape and combat ready. The court of Qing Dynasty (1646–1911) held regular wrestling events, mainly between ethnic Manchu and Mongol wrestlers. There are several different versions, Mongolian, Buryatian (in the Buryatia of Russia), Oirat and Inner Mongolian. [Source: Wiki]

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