2 marines throw down in close quarters

Sunday, November 20, 2016

In tight spaces, the clinch is where the fight will be decided. At first glance, this bathroom brawl may just look like two bros hug-fighting it out in their silkies, but a closer look will reveal some important principles of fighting from the clinch.

The current Marine Corps combative program incorporates a lot of modern mixed martial arts techniques and principles, so it is possible he picked this up from his time in the Marines, but the smaller guy in this video clearly has more training and experience in the clinch and the other is clearly a schlub.

Even though the guy on cleaning duty is visibly emotional and loses his temper, he maintains control for the vast majority of the fight. He starts with a short over hand right and immediately pushes forward into the clinch. Throughout the fight, he uses a lower center of gravity and strong posture to control his opponent by pushing, pulling and twisting his opponent’s head, all while keeping his own face hidden from strikes.

After eating a few hard right hands, and being completely handled by a strong single collar tie, the schlub does what most guys who don’t know how to fight do… he throws on a headlock!

The headlock is the go-to when you don’t know how to fight in the clinch and the stronger clinch fighter predictably and immediately takes the guy down.

Now up until this moment, the fight is completely one-sided. We have a typical case of a fighter versus a schlub, but whether it was luck, instinct or actual training this schlub lands a picture perfect upkick.

2 marines throw down in close quarters
2 marines throw down in close quarters

He could not have landed it better, but it is not enough to keep the smaller guy from achieving a dominant top position to end the fight.

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