Angry fan breaks kickboxer’s jaw after controversial fight

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chaos. That’s what surrounded last Saturday’s GLORY 42 kickboxing event in Paris, France, which turned out to be a wild ride.

The night of fights featured a Welterweight clash between contenders Murthel Groenhart (65 victories, 23 losses, 3 draws) and Harut Grigorian (53 wins, 11 losses).

Halfway through the second round, Groenhart lands a nice uppercut followed by a lovely flying switch knee. Grigorian is obviously stunned. Now, what do usually do when you get hurt in a fight? Do you get on your bike and try to establish distance? Do you cover up and try to weather the storm?

If so, congratulations, you seem like a well-balanced individual. Grigorian, on the other hand, opted for a rather… unusual strategy.

Angry fan breaks kickboxer's jaw after controversial fight
Angry fan breaks kickboxer’s jaw after controversial fight

See, Grigorian, after being rocked, casually turned his back and walked away like he remembered he had a roasted chicken cooking in the oven. If that seems like an insane and dangerous move it’s because well, it is. Groenhart, without hesitating, seized the opportunity and followed his opponent to unleash a MONSTROUS right hand that landed flush. Grigorian was out cold. It’s important to note that Groenhart’s victory was legal by GLORY rules.

End of story, right? Well, not quite. The controversial ending apparently triggered some angry fans in attendance who decided to just storm the ring. Groenhart can be seen celebrating his victory as a fan runs towards him and smacks him in the jaw. Chaos ensues.

Security quickly rushes in but it’s too late. Groenhart, dumbfounded, couldn’t dodge the angry fan’s strike and ends up with a broken jaw. Wild stuff.

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