Basketball-style game – with head kicks

Saturday, February 04, 2017

The wonder of martial arts is that they are continuously evolving.

Boxing and Kyokoshin Karate were combined to create Dutch Kickboxing – one of the most effective stand-up fighting styles. Likewise, Judo and Catch-Wrestling were blended to birth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – one of the most effective ground fighting styles.

As it turns out, martial arts can also be mixed with common sports to produce fantastically entertaining results.

Feast your eyes on Martial Art Basketball. A sport that mixes the acrobatic kicks of Taekwondo and the throws involved in Judo, with the teamwork and court-vision required in Basketball.

Basketball-style game - with head kicks
Basketball-style game – with head kicks

While an official rule-book has yet to be unearthed, the following guidelines seem to be apparent from the following video:

  • A stick/ baton serves as the object of focus – replacing the ball that is typically used in basketball
  • Points are earned from delivering a kick to an elevated target – presumably 6ft in the air
  • A player must be in possession of the stick/ baton in order to score
  • The stick/ baton can be passed between teammates through the air. Forward passes are allowed
  • The defending team prevents their opponents from reaching the target by attacking opposing players with kicks and takedowns
  • The attacking team can use kicks and takedowns to get past defenders
  • Head kicks are allowed

Martial Art Basketball offers lessons that can be applied to street self-defense. Firstly, the sport allows a participant to experience the chaos of dealing with multiple, simultaneous attackers. Additionally, a participant can practice making the crucial decision involved in any physical altercation: Do I stand and fight, or do I clear a path and run?

Whether you are a practicing martial artist looking to compete alongside like-minded individuals, or you are a basketball player looking to develop some martial arts technique (à la Kareem Abdul Jabar in Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”). Martial Art Basketball seems like a thrilling and unique outlet to test your skills and kick some ass at the same time.

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