Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Many new UFC fans may know Brendan ‘Big Brown’ Schaub from his podcasts such as ‘Big Brown Breakdown’ and ‘Fighter and the Kid’ but a few years ago he was a mid-level UFC heavyweight and Johny ‘Bigg Rigg’ Hendricks was a knockout machine, who took GSP to a split decision in his last fight before his semi-retirement.

These two tough as nails athletes decided to find out what benefits training ballet could bring to an elite MMA fighter. As an ex-amateur boxer, I can attest to the benefits of dancing to help coordination, footwork, combinations and core strength. While many may ridicule dance, the dedication, training and athletic ability of dancers should not be taken for granted.

The first thing the ballet instructor gets the gents to do is to dress in appropriate garb. I am no ballet expert but the guy’s shirts look to have been ripped at the collars and while the tight fitting pants may be appropriate they are questionable on a UFC heavyweight contender.

The fighters were good sports though and tried their best to follow her instructions. Johny did feel her wrath on several occasions and more than once she referred to the bearded one as a terrorist, even shouting out Jihad to him on one occasion. The instructor did seem somewhat more taken with Schaub’s form.

Bigg Rigg did go on to capture the Welterweight gold against Robbie Lawler before dropping it to the Ruthless one in a rematch but on the day he was the first to spot something suspicious.

At the end of the video, it is revealed that the ballet instructor is, in fact, a comedian and it has all been a ‘hilarious’ joke. My sides were aching with laughter, hardy har har. Well, it is better than my side aching from an Overeem liver kick.

The author, Nicholas Westerby, has trained boxing and kickboxing since 1995. You can watch his UFC retrospectives, predictions and fight card reactions on his youtube channel.

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