Brutal and illegal technique ends this MMA fight

Monday, November 21, 2016

The sport of mixed martial arts has gone through a lot of rule changes during the past 20 years. If you weren’t following the sport at the time the first UFC events went down please do yourself a favor and go watch some of the fights from that time. Fair warning though, MMA was way more brutal back then.

In fact, the first UFC events allowed virtually every technique in the book, from headbutts to soccer kicks. In an effort to appeal to a broader audience that would’ve felt uneasy watching such brutal fights the UFC has eliminated the most violent techniques overtime, resulting in what we know today.

Some techniques might be brutal but they sure are effective, as well as flashy. Take soccer kicks and head stomps for example. They do look terrifyingly brutal to the layman but they’re pretty effective. Moreover, one could argue that such techniques definitely have their place in today’s MMA.

Until recently, the only organization that allowed soccer kicks and head stomps was Asia’s largest MMA promotion, ONE Championship. In what sounded like a huge bummer to hardcore MMA fans the organization has now banned such techniques. Another big time Asian organization, ROAD Fighting Championship, doesn’t allow soccer kicks and head stomps either.

Brutal (and illegal) HEAD STOMP puts end to MMA fight
Brutal (and illegal) HEAD STOMP puts end to MMA fight

The thing is though, apparently Doo Jae ‘Dragon Ball’ Jung didn’t get the memo. The MMA veteran took on Won Gi Kim back in 2015 at ROAD FC 25. The first round was disputed until Jung dropped Kim with a lovely right hook. Jung immediately jumped at Kim…

… and head stomped him. Jung could’ve gone for some ground-and-pound punches or even a submission but instead decided to f***ing carve his opponent’s head in. The footage is truly gut-wrenching. Needless to say Jung was disqualified for the gesture.

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