Brutal KO during M1 Medieval fight

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The hardest, most savage beat down in M-1 Medieval Knight Fighting history starts off with Rustam Kukurhoev (1-0) closing the distance on Vitaly Kravchenko (1-0-1). Rustam effortlessly secures the clinch, then the takedown, then kneels on Vitaly’s chest and smashes his skull with his shield. How epic is that?

The imagery is reminiscent of the beating that a young Vitor Belfort gave to John Hess at Superbrawl 2 a long, long time ago: the takedown, the knee ride, the fury of strikes. Only instead of Speedos and MMA gloves, the combatants wore knight armor and sword and shield. Instead of pounding the head with a barrage of fists, the victor pounded the downed opponent’s head with his shield.

This Medieval Knight Fight between the two Russians took place at M-1 Challenge 69 on July 16, 2016 in Russia. This was the only medieval fight on the card. The rest of the matches were regular MMA fights. Apparently, M-1 Global wants to eventually have full cards of just Medieval Knight Fights once they have enough fighters to do so. Knights who want to fight for M-1 can find more info on their website. See link below.

M-1 Global’s Medieval Knight Fights are nine minutes long, broken into three rounds of three minutes each. The combat takes place in the same ring as M-1’s regular MMA matches. Knights wear armor and clash with sword and shield. Knights may use their sword or shield to strike the opponent’s head or body. Kicks, knees, elbows, and takedowns are also permitted.

Interestingly, in researching this topic, I have learned that there are other medieval fighting events that allow the use of battle-axes. There are also events with group combat where multiple fighters clash with multiple fighters all at once. Wow.

Learning about medieval fighting has just been one wow after another. I mean did you even know that knight fighting in this day and age was even a thing? Well, we both do now!

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