Thursday, August 24, 2017

When it comes to fighting, the animal kingdom is certainly skilled and diverse. A Boa constrictor can put on the squeeze and literally choke its opponent out. A Koala bear (though many may not know) is a fantastic wrestler when on the ground, with sprawls and all. And when it comes to quick punching speed, look no further than your very own neighborhood kitty cat.

If you own cats or own a cat and a dog, as with this video, you have seen what “Tom” or “Sylvester” can do. The video here not only shows the amazing accuracy and speed of this little boxer, but you can see that like in any confrontation, violence is the last resort.

To be fair here, it looks like the dog in the video really just wants to play, but like many dogs that live with cat’s, he doesn’t understand that playing is a two-way street. Luckily for him, his feline friend is either declawed or “pulling his punches” as it were, or his canine face would be pretty messed up.

Cat puts on boxing clinic vs. dog
Cat puts on boxing clinic vs. dog

Still, it’s a fine display of what an animal can do as a fighter and if you don’t say “wow” at least once during the video, maybe the cat’s combo’s are just too fast. All things being equal, would a dog beat a cat in a real fight?

I know there are videos you can find either way. What’s great about this video though, is both animal combatants live to fight or play another day.

Michael J. Harmon has watched MMA since the beginning. He grew up with dogs but currently has two cats. They remind him daily that at any moment they can change from cute cuddly fur balls to fierce combatants and though they box very well, it usually ends up with him breaking them up on the mat after a “verbal tap”.

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