Inmate uses crazy WWE technique to end fight

Sunday, November 27, 2016 strongly advises against fighting outside of a sanctioned bout or lawful self-defense. This video proves the type of decision making that leads to fighting is faulty, given that both these men are inmates.

This video starts with one man waiting patiently for his opponent in the corner of a common area inside a correctional facility. The fight itself begins with a sequence familiar to anyone who watched CM Punk fight Mickey Gall. It is a perfect recreation. He throws a wild right that whiffs completely, and is immediately taken down.
The inmate who takes him down uses a fairly technical double-leg and goes straight to mount. It’s hard to say whether this was learned in a formal setting or through experience, but the movement was very deliberate and appeared to have been well practiced.

The man on bottom freezes. He literally does nothing. There is a brief pause, then the inmate on top begins raining down rapid-fire ground and pound. Countless punches land with sickening smacks as the guy on bottom puts up zero defense.

Inmate uses crazy WWE technique to end fight
Inmate uses crazy WWE technique to end fight

After a few moments, someone steps in to let the guy on top know that’s enough. The guy’s not done though. This next part should look familiar to anyone who has watched anything else CM Punk has ever done.

He hits an elbow drop… like a for real elbow drop.

Realizing that if you’re going to do something, do it big, he ascends a table and leaps through the air, delivering a second elbow drop. His form is near perfect, reminiscent of the aforementioned CM Punk and The Macho Man Randy Savage before him.

The man stands triumphant, flashing gang signs and soaking in the cheers of his fellow inmates. This life of a prison superstar might seem glamorous, but again, strongly advises against duplicating any of the behavior in this video.

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