Master Ken roasts martial arts legends during Hall of Fame induction

Sunday, June 11, 2017

After having systematically proved that every other martial arts style is complete bullsh*t and his style of Ameri-Do-Te was the one and only true martial art, the incomparable Master Ken finally got the recognition he long deserved, by receiving the honor of being inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

But for Master Ken, this was only the beginning.

Throughout his acceptance speech, Master Ken roasted all those in attendance which included notable martial arts figures like Frank Dux, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and Cynthia Rothrock.

“Frank Dux is full contact fighting champion, a former CIA operative, a movie fight choreographer, but I believe he is best known as an author of fiction…most notably his autobiography.”

Check out the roast in its entirety below.


Please note that Master Ken is a highly trained professional in the art of Ameri-Do-Te so please do not try any of his moves at home.

Learn the most dangerous martial art in the world: AMERI-DO-TE!

Ever studied Kung Fu? Taekwondo? Krav Maga? They’re all BULLSH*T.

Only Ameri-Do-Te will give you the skill to survive a real life street encounter. Don’t waste time with cardio kickboxing or old fashioned karate. Forget using traditional weapons. In Ameri-Do-Te…YOU are the weapon. (To be clear: We do also have weapons training. But once you become a weapon you are even more dangerous. Because you’re a weapon holding a weapon. Imagine if you saw a knife holding a gun. Would you try to rob it? Of course not. And not because knives don’t have pockets to carry money. But because as a criminal in that situation you are twice as likely to be injured or killed. Understand? No? Then you need Ameri-Do-Te!) [Source: Enter the Dojo Show]

Author: Nic is a designer and illustrator alongside being a martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his illustrative work for purchase here.

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