Rare mishap ends MMA fight

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I’m not kidding. If you’re enjoying a nice meal right now you should probably consider putting the fork down before watching the following footage. Trust me on that one.

The video features what might just be the most bizarre and WTF-worthy fight ending I’ve ever witnessed. Oh sure, I’ve seen ears literally explode during a fight, nasty limb breaks, or referees getting assaulted by fighters. MMA can get pretty f***ing crazy, alright. You’ve probably cringed at least once while watching an MMA fight; I know I have. I’m just issuing a fair warning here though, as the following video might be the most disturbing thing you’ll ever witness in a cage.

The incident occurred during an amateur MMA fight. It’s obvious from the get-go that the fighter with the blue gloves is the better striker. His versatile footwork is allowing him to land several lovely shots to his foe’s head. One thing he does quite well too is switching stances. The fighter with the red gloves is getting confused as his opponent wisely takes advantage of his stance-switching routine by landing some HEAVY kicks to the body.

Those kicks are landing too. The commentators aptly comment on the fact that the body kicks are starting to take their toll. Then at the 02:03 mark, suddenly, the fighter with the red gloves stops fighting. Something is wrong.

You shouldn't eat while watching this
You shouldn’t eat while watching this

Let’s cut right to the chase here, the fighter with the red gloves starts vomiting everywhere. Yep. The commentators describe the incident as ‘very interesting’, which is true, though I’d have had ‘absolutely f***ing disgusting’.

Those body kicks indeed were brutal. There’s nothing much else to say here really. Sit back, watch the footage and pat yourself on the back. Congratulations, you’ve now witnessed one of the craziest and most bizarre moments in MMA history.

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