Rocky Balboa’s best moments in the ring – redone by the Jackass crew

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The American classic movie series, Rocky, plays host to some of the most iconic imagery in America film. Queue song, “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti – famously known as the theme song to the Rocky series. The song is mostly associated with the renowned training montage in the movie, but here’s something else you can relate it to…Bam Margera sucker punching his friends.

The scene is from the third installment of the Jackass movie series, Jackass 3D. The thing that separated this from the rest of their movies is a much higher budget. The producers were able to incorporate high-speed cameras and as the title implies –3D visuals.

Rocky Balboa's best moments in the ring - redone by the Jackass crew
Rocky Balboa’s best moments in the ring – redone by the Jackass crew

When Rocky got hit with a clean punch in the films the cinematic shot would go into slow motion and show the sweat getting rattled off of Rocky’s skull in the lighting to demonstrate the power of which he was hit.

Bam Margera attempts to emulate that imagery with a boxing glove, a glass of water, and a slow motion camera. Bam splashes the water on one side of his unsuspecting friend’s head. Followed swiftly after is a blow to the opposite side of their head with a boxing glove. Turns out if you film that with a high-speed camera, you get an end result that looks similar to Rocky’s sweat getting knocked off his noggin.

The imagery used by the Jackass guys is of course a play on scenes like this.

There are many inherent dangers behind the stunt but these guys are moderately professional and got paid big dollars to do it. The dangers of short-term and long-term concussion damage are well documented and this stunt, as well as any of the other stunts the Jackass guys do, is not advised to be reenacted by anyone…

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