Science and ‘Master sniffer’ reveal smelliest type of athlete – WTF?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Who punches harder? Mixed Martial Artists or Boxers?

Who has better cardio NFL players or marathon runners?

These are the kinds of questions fans continuously bring up when comparing different sports and the level of athlete that is required to reach the top of the respective sport. But there is a question that has yet to be solved or even asked for that matter…until now.

Which sport creates the smelliest athletes?

On this edition of Sport Science, John Brenkus and the crew seek to answer this very question by pitting several athletes from different sports in this stinky showdown.

For this experiment they chose athletes to represent four different sports; professional hockey player Phil Hersh, professional auto-racer Dave Brown, semi-pro football lineman Eric Ellison and for the mixed martial arts representative former Strikeforce champion King Mo Lawal.

To the untrained nose these athletes may all smell the same, but that’s why Sports Science brought in professional sniffer George Aldrich who is government certified by NASA to check the smell everything that goes into space.


So how will this experiment work?

Each athlete will be put through an exercise regime while wearing their typical uniforms (which haven’t been washed for two weeks), after the fact George will be blind folded and will take a whiff of the uniforms one by one. After that the athletes will then sit in a glass chamber hooked up to gas mask so they can determine who truly is the smelliest athlete.

Sport Science is an ongoing television series that explores the science and engineering underlying athletic endeavors that was broadcast on FSN and ESPN.

Each episode on series one focused on testing certain aspects of athletics (such as human flight and reaction time), while series two either poses more questions from previous episodes, or tries to re-analyze sporting moments, pitting humans against animals or machines, and even checking against other sports or challenging the odds with data. [source: wiki] 

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