Things get heated at boxing press conference

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trash-talking is all fun and games until someone throws a f***ing table at you.

Trash-talking can help sell a fight tremendously. Think about it. Would you rather see two milquetoast fighters being polite and respectful towards each other or someone practically foaming at the mouth, threating his opponent that he will eat his children à la Mike Tyson? A majority of fans definitely would prefer the second option.

Combat sports have always been rife with eloquent trash-talkers. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali paved the way for today’s cheeky fighters with his charisma and hilarious one-liners. From Chael Sonnen to the world champ in bottle-throwing Conor McGregor MMA has known its fair shaire of fire-spitting trash-talkers as well.

One criticism that this kind of fighters sometimes get is that their act is fake and that they’re just trying to hype up a fight, which eventually earns them even more sweet, sweet money. While this is certainly true for a few fighters there definitely are some of them who mean every word they say, and don’t play an act at all.

Take British Heavyweight professional boxer Dereck Chisora for instance.

Boxer throws a freaking TABLE at his opponent!
Boxer throws a freaking TABLE at his opponent!

Chisora took on fellow countryman Dillian White this past Saturday in what served as a title eliminator for the WBC Heavyweight championship but the pre-fight press conference that took place days before turned out to be more entertaining than the actual fight. Indeed, the heated presser escalated to a pretty wild incident when Dereck Chisora, obviously very angry at his opponent, decided to pick a table up and f***ing throw it at him.

The incident turned into an all-out melee when Whyte’s trainer did his best Conor McGregor impression and threw a bottle at Chisora in retaliation. Chisora went on to lose the fight by split decision.

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