Trucker takes care of scooter-riding thief with crazy Jackie Chan-style move

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jackie Chan, is that you?!

A crazy footage has emerged that shows an incident that happened in Foshan, China. A man who had just been robbed off his phone has managed to get it back from the thief’s hands in a quite surreal –and awesome– way.

A blue truck is parked on the side of the road. The trucker inside is Mr. Huo, someone that apparently has watched a sh*tton of old-school Jackie Chan movies. A thief wearing a black jacket can be seen lurking near the truck. He very casually approaches it and proceeds to snatch the phone off of the trucker’s hands. He then, surprisingly, utters a few words on the phone (the trucker was in the middle of a conversation), presumably saying: “Oops. Bout to pass through a tunnel. See ya buddy.” And then he nonchalantly hops on his scooter and takes off.

Now, how would have you reacted if you were in the trucker’s shoes? Engaging in a wild chase would have been risky, to say the least. But still, the trucker was very bent on not letting the casual thief flee away.

The trucker puts on his fictional badass cape and goes out of his truck to confront the thief. The situation gets quite dangerous as the scooter-riding thief doesn’t slow down when confronted by the trucker in the middle of the road.

Jackie Chan clone decimates scooter-riding thief!
Jackie Chan clone decimates scooter-riding thief!

What follows is awesome. The trucker actually SPRINTS towards the scooter, jumps on it, and halts it! The thief is shocked. The trucker seizes the opportunity to throw some punches to seal the deal and takes his phone back!


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