Ukrainian politicians get physical during parliament session

Sunday, January 08, 2017

This video features two members of the Ukrainian parliament in a physical altercation. Apparently it arose when one representative accused the leader of the majority party, Yuriy Boyko, of being a spy for the Russian Kremlin.

The accusation warranted or not, did not go over well with its recipient. Boyko quickly stands up and grabs the hand of the speaking man who ducks down and shucks it. They stand looking at each other for a few tense seconds, and then the accused lashes out with a right strait, and then follows it up with a left and another right.

The attacked man caves and backs away. A few surrounding men step in and try to separate them. The attacker Boyko looks stone-faced; not at all remorseful or worried.

The video then cuts to later in the meeting, when the attacked man is still speaking and pointing to Boyko for the spectators. Boyko with almost eerie composure stands up and throws another right hand at his accuser. It connects and sends him back.

He attempts to throw more shots, but at that point the two are safely separated by other delegates.

Ukrainian politicians get PHYSICAL during parliament session
Ukrainian politicians get PHYSICAL during parliament session

It’s very interesting to witness- politicians throwing hands so casually. Boyko seems very comfortable doing it. Perhaps the Ukrainian politician has a background in boxing.

In any case it has to be at least a moral victory for his supporters, and his accuser backs away and wants no part of the physical conflict. This sort of thing seems unthinkable in an American congressional meeting. None of the delegates here seem at all surprised or shaken.

It’s probably a product of the tremendous fight culture of Eastern Europe and Russia. Vladimir Putin himself is often lauded for being a black belt in Judo.

In any case, this video proves that you can’t get to talking reckless in Ukrainian parliament with avid boxers in power!

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