Worst ref EVER ignores illegal soccer kicks and stoppage – WTF

Monday, August 14, 2017

A terrible referee.

What comes to your mind when you see those words? Probably a mental image of Cecil Peoples awkwardly declaring the beginning of a fight, or him trying to halt a contest and smashing himself against the cage way after a fighter has been knocked out in the process. Or maybe you’re thinking of Steve Mazzagatti, a notorious target of Dana White’s outbursts and a referee known to let fights go on until it becomes quite sick to watch. Well, if you thought those two refs are bad, and quite frankly they have displayed awful reffing more than once, let me tell you that they’re amazing professionals next to the ref I’m about to introduce you to.

August 12th, 2017. MMA event Aspera FC is going down in Maringa, Brazil. The 15-fight card features a Middleweight contest between Marcio “Lyoto” Alexandre, Jr. (15-3-0) and Fabio Aguiar (4-1-0). That fight turned out to be a pretty memorable one, but surely not for the reasons you’d expect.

What follows is surreal.

Worst ref ever ignores illegal soccer kicks and stoppage
Worst ref ever ignores illegal soccer kicks and stoppage

The beginning of the second round is tough for Aguiar, sporting black shorts. After ending up on the ground after a failed takedown attempt he finds himself on the receiving end of a soccer kick. Which is illegal. But his opponent, Alexandre, throws another one anyway. The ref doesn’t react. Even Alexandre seems to know he just did something illegal. He turns to the referee for counsel. The referee still doesn’t see what’s wrong. So, oh well, Alexandre throws another illegal soccer kick for good measure. He follows up with a barrage of strikes. Aguiar, in a terrible spot, somehow manages to turn the table at the end of the round. Now it’s him who’s unleashing on Alexandre! Overhands, uppercuts, ground and pound strikes, everything seems to land. At that point, Alexandre is essentially out but the referee has better things to do than stopping the bout. He’s standing there, nonchalantly, doing literally nothing.

Probably the most surreal fight we’ve seen in quite some time.

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