3 ways to knock someone out in a street fight

3 ways to knock someone out in a street fight

Street fights happen all the time and in fact have become so common place that they have become a standard form of entertainment for many people as there is definitely no shortage of videos all over the internet.  Unfortunately, street fighting is also incredibly dangerous due to the unpredictability and violent nature of fighting itself.  The best advice for any street fight is to completely avoid the fight at all costs but there are times when avoiding a fight is just not possible; in this situation, a person should look to end the fight as quickly as possible while avoiding damage and deescalating the situation.

In the list below we look at three ways in which you can knock someone out and put an end to a street fight.

3) Punching

Nearly every single street fight involves punching of some sort and more often than not the beginning of a fight is marked by a punch being thrown.  When throwing punches it is very important to always keep your hands up, chin down, and to fight the natural tendency to close your eyes.  Your best bet is to gain a bit of experience through actual training at a boxing or martial arts gym however; for the good ole fashioned bout of fisticuffs against an untrained opponent the above advice will at least get you headed in the right direction.


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