4 times HEATED MMA rivalries turned into street fights

4 times HEATED MMA rivalries turned into street fights

Generally speaking, most MMA fighters and martial artists are the LAST people you would ever see involved in an unsanctioned street fight outside of the gym or competition.

This is not only because they have nothing to prove, but also, they get all of their fighting done in the gym or in competition and don’t need the extra trouble or risk.

However, sometimes in MMA when there is a heated rivalry, tensions can sometimes boil over outside of competition as we see here in these following famous examples.

4) Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

This is one of the best examples of tensions boiling over during a heated rivalry that resulted in a fistfight. At the press conference before the first time they were supposed to fight at UFC 178, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got a little too close for comfort and it got physical when Cormier put his hands on Jon and Jones responded by punching him followed by a skirmish on the ground.

Instead of Dana White being there to keep the fighters separated, the PR guy, Dave Scholler, took over Dana’s duties and didn’t do a good enough job maintaining the distance between the feuding combatants.

Both Jones and Cormier were fined for this unfortunate situation.

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