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105 lb girl puts 220 lb man to sleep, with one arm

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Rob Kahn was teaching the secrets of his Shoulder Pressure System at Jungle Gym Martial Arts HQ in the Bronx, when this happened.

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Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Rob Kahn was recently teaching the secrets of his Shoulder Pressure System at Jungle Gym Martial Arts HQ in the Bronx. Watch as he instructs a 105 lb. girl in exactly what to do on a 220-pound attendee, and the unconsciousness that followed.

Some people watching this video simply did not believe it was legit.

"This Rob Kahn guy needs to stop putting disinformation out there just to get noticed, that could put people in serious jeopardy," said a misinformed Robert Schwartzback on YouTube. "No girl that size could hold a man that size down, especially with no lock. Her form was horrible and had no pressure on the artery, his other neck artery was fine and NO ONE goes unconscious that fast from a 1 artery choke even if she did it right (which she didn't), even a 2 artery choke done right takes longer than that on someone who is calm like he was, there was at least 1000 ways he have could escaped, the guy clearly faked being unconscious, etc, etc, etc, etc.

"I'm not saying it can't or doesn't work if done right by a trained fighter. I am saying she didn't appear, to me at least, from the angle it was recorded, to be doing it 100% correctly. You know as well as I do a man that size against a girl that size could eeeeeeeeasily get out of it. And you also know claiming a 105lb girl just choked out a 220lb grown man will get views, as it is. He wasn't unconscious, you know it, which is why the whole gym had a laugh at his antics.

"Once again, I'm not saying that hold CAN'T work if mastered and the 2 people fighting are fairly equal... but I am saying you're misleading people by claiming this untrained 105lb stick figure of a girl held down a 'helpless' 220lb grown muscular man and made him pass out within seconds."

Then Doubting Schwartzback was put in place by Alexander Rutherford, the man who went to sleep.

"This is the guy who was choked out in the video. This was a demo of how effective the hold and position is. The outcome is indeed genuine and not fake. I've been under the tutelage of Master Chim, under the Jungle Gym, since 05/27/07. There is nothing fake about this place, especially when it comes to legitimacy. If you still doubt, just like MC extended the invite, stop on by and experience it for yourself."

Rob Kahn is a third-degree black belt under legendary three-time UFC champion, Royce Gracie. Rob has been training with Royce Gracie since the mid-90s. After receiving an amazing foundation for his Jiu-Jitsu from Royce, Rob began focusing his Jiu-Jitsu in the area of MMA and No Gi grappling.

In this area, Rob has built an entire system comprised of techniques and strategies that have been tested, re-tested, and refined over the last 25 years of his grappling career. His remarkable career includes producing multiple UFC fighters and Abu Dhabi competitors. Much of this system is laid out in Rob’s video tutorial series called the No Gi Library. Rob can be found most days of the week on the mat with his students training hard and teaching.

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