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23-year-old wrestler puts up $100 against anyone in the bar - middle-aged Jiu-Jitsu black belt steps up

23-year-old wrestler challenges 47-year-old BJJ black belt
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Young wrestler vs. old man jiu-jitsu outside the bar.

This article is part of a major effort by The MMA UnderGround to understand what works not by watching what happens in the cage or ring, but rather by what happens when martial arts are used on the street or in a park. If you liked it, check out some more stories on:
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Back in the early nineties, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was conceived with two questions in mind. First, which martial arts style is superior; this was to be determined via no-holds-barred contests, putting exponents of different styles against each other. The second question was who is the Earth's apex predator; this was to be determined by an open invitation to the top exponents of each style. Rorion Gracie, a co-founder, intended to establish that the form of jiu-jitsu developed in Brazil would overcome masters of karate, wrestling, boxing, sumo, kung fu, and savate. And he did, for a time.

Fast forward to the present day, and cross-training between disciplines is the norm, and mixed martial arts has become a style in and of itself. But surprisingly style vs. style matchups on the streets still pop up every now and then.

In the below video, a 23-year-old wrestler takes on a 47-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in a parkm and it looks like the wrestler may have underestimated his older opponent.

Wrestler gets a grappling lesson from a skilled BJJ practitioner


Although the wrestler immediately gets the BJJ player to the ground, he quickly has his back taken and is put in danger via a rear-naked choke. Not knowing what to do, the wrestler desperately tries to escape by cranking on the BJJ player's finger, which the jiu-jitsu practitioner and on-lookers tell the wrestler to stop doing due to it being childish.

Eventually, the skilled BJJ artist's strategies pay off and he locks in the choke and has his foe tapping away on the grass and begging for mercy, with $100 less.

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