220-pound hater’s bluff called by 145-pound boxing champ

We all know one. That guy who thinks he can fight and will tell anyone that listens that he could beat up a professional fighter.

Unfortunately for the loudmouth in this video, his bluff was called and he found himself having to back up his words against a former world champion in the ring.

The hater had foolishly bragged that he could beat former WBO and ‘The Ring’ Magazine featherweight champion and former WBO super featherweight champion, Mikey Garcia who held a perfect 34-0 record, including 28 KO’s at the time.

No doubt the challenger thought his huge size and weight advantage over Garcia would give him the edge, but as this footage shows, there’s no substitute for technique when it comes to ‘the sweet science’.

In fact, despite the size disparity, the boxing champ was so confident that he was going to teach this heavyweight hater a lesson that he actually offered to go two rounds with him, and give him a chance in the first by only blocking and touching.

However, lacking the courage of his convictions the hater would only agree to one round, and judging by what happened next that’s probably the only smart decision he made that day.

Both men put on headgear and boxing gloves before getting down to business.

Garcia soon let the bigger man know he was in for a rough time of it when he sunk in a hard body shot, then went upstairs with left and right hooks as his opponent’s guard dropped.

As the contest continued the man struggled to lay a glove on the boxing champ, who was having no such problem despite his reach disadvantage and was steadily picking him apart with punches to the head and body.

Then came the finish as Garcia felt out with the jab and followed up with a crushing right hook to the jaw that sent his opponent to the canvas. He got back to his feet but was clearly still on wobbly legs.

Garcia was only too happy to continue the boxing masterclass, but it quickly became clear that the man had learned his lesson and wanted no further part in this one-sided beat down.

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