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WATCH: Amateur boxer embarrasses and smashes 'undefeated streetfighter'


[brid video="808305" player="25478" title="Selfproclaimedundefeatedstreetfightercallsoutamateurboxer" duration="60" description="There\'s a reason they call it the \'Sweet Science\'…" uploaddate="2021-06-20" thumbnailurl="//" contenturl="//"]

Word to the wise, don't tussle with an amateur boxer if you're a self-proclaimed unbeaten street fighter.

Generally speaking, if someone claims they are an undefeated street fighter, chances are they either haven't been in that many fights, or they count slap boxing with their friends as a real fight. Most of the time, people who can actually fight don't go around broadcasting it or challenging other people. Especially, trained practitioners of real combat sports.

A lot of times, "undefeated street fighters" are under the impression, or delusion, that they are skilled in the art of fighting when actually, they've just never faced anyone who has actual abilities

An amateur boxer is a whole other level above the best of street fighters

There are tons of reasons for this kind of behavior, but suffice it to say, if you don't train against real resistance, you probably aren't a good fighter. The guy in the above video learns that lesson the HARD way by challenging an amateur boxer, and an absolute clowning ensues.

The street fighter is wearing a white top and black shorts, or in this case, catch a well-deserved beatdown gear.