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Bad Boxing, Vol 1: The Shadow vs. Insane Zane

The Shadow is a flinching, running mess, and Insane Zane does nothing but chase after him, while throwing uncontrolled looping shots.

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Every man and woman who dares to enter the world of combat sports deserves a certain degree of respect simply for having the courage and wherewithal to enter the cage or ring. Unfortunately, there are rare times in which a combat sports competitor need not spend more than a minute engaged in their competition of choice, before all those watching shake their head in disbelief at what they are witnessing.

Behold, for this is one of those times.

In this video, from parts unknown, Canada, we see a man known as The Shadow taking on a competitor who calls himself Insane Zane. The graphic on the screen informs us that The Shadow is the creator of a new boxing style called “Illusive Fighting." Please note they do not use the word “elusive,” which refers to one who is adept at eluding, and instead use “illusive,” which basically means deceptive or misleading.

Whether use of this spelling was intentional or not is unknown. However, we are informed that "The Shadow" has tapes available for sale teaching his techniques, which are said to be so effective one will "never be hit.".

The announcer informs us that The Shadow “trains by doing light jogging, and he does hiking, he meditates, and he dodges cars as busy intersections.” His opponent, Insane Zane, is a bar room bouncer who “fights on instinct.”

From the opening bell, each man conducts himself in the ring about as one would expect based on their respective introductions. The Shadow is a flinching, running mess, and Insane Zane does nothing but chase after him throwing wild, looping punches.

In the end, the power and fury of Insane Zane are just too much for The Shadow, who is done after just one flipping, flopping knockdown.

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