74-year-old former pro boxer still able to land bombs against 15-year-old champion

74-year-old former pro boxer holds his own sparring with 15-year-old kid

Boxing and fighting, in general, are typically a young man’s sport but sometimes we see examples of some outliers who challenge that notion.

In this video, we see an extreme example of this as a 74-year-old former pro boxer, Gaetano Sallemi, spars with a much younger 15-year-old opponent and, surprisingly enough, the old man actually performs quite well.

Usually, you do not see men of his age at boxing gyms, especially in sparring, as boxing sparring is pretty hard on the body for anyone really, let alone the elderly.

I’d reckon when you start to get up there in age, it may actually be beneficial to train in softer traditional martial arts like karate or something similar. While these traditional arts are not as effective as, say, boxing or BJJ, they are much easier on the body and can help you maintain a certain level of fitness and basic self-defense ability as you advance in age.

However, this guy actually looks pretty good sparring here, not only for his age but also for overcoming a massive reach advantage that his younger opponent, Giuseppe Marino, possesses.

We’ve also seen some similar videos to this one, also from Italy interestingly enough, of older boxers sparring and performing well with younger opponents. One of these old man sparring videos went viral a while back of a guy in his late fifties/sixties, named  Ernesto Bergamasco, who allegedly used to box in the Olympics.

In that particular video, Ernesto destroys his younger opponent in brutal fashion and while we don’t exactly see that here in this one, it is still nonetheless very impressive, perhaps even more so in some ways.

Being 74-years-old and being able to spar and hang in there with a much younger opponent is pretty damn impressive, even if they’re not going all that hard. Check it out and see for yourself in the above video.