Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard fights amateur boxer – does NOT last long

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard fights amateur boxer – does NOT last long

Floyd Mayweather almost started an all-out brawl during the Brooklyn leg of his world tour with Conor McGregor last Friday when he ordered his entourage to surround his rival on-stage.

However, members of McGregor’s fight camp, including his boxing coach Owen Roddy, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star Dillon Danis and UFC fighter Artem Lobov, all rushed to his defense, leading to a tense standoff on stage that thankfully didn’t go any further than some pushing and shoving.

One of the members of Team Mayweather who was most heavily involved in the confrontation was Ray Sadeghi Vinci, aka ‘Jizzy Mac,’ who serves as a prominent member of the superstar’s bodyguard team.

Jizzy Mac is instantly recognizable given that he seems like a long lost member of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast with his overly-tanned skin, body-builder physique and an endless supply of tank-tops.

However, despite his cocky swagger, Jizzy Mac is best known for being given an opportunity to fight in the gym during an episode of Mayweather’s ‘All Access’ series on Showtime a few years ago.

According to Mayweather, Jizzy Mac had been pleading with him for some time to get a chance to fight at one of the infamous ‘Dog House’ sessions where two boxer’s go to battle in the gym with no breaks or time limit until one of them quits or is finished.

Eventually, Mayweather gave into his demands and put him up against what he described as a suitably ‘green’ boxer.

Mayweather’s bodyguard was brimming with confidence beforehand, smiling as he stated, “I ain’t scared of nobody,” while also claiming that he used to fight in MMA when he lived in Europe back in 2004 (Note: there is no record of him ever having fought professionally in the sport).

His confidence proved to be ill-founded however, as the fight had barely begun when his opponent floored Mac with a lazy left hook.

The blow left the dazed Jizzy Mac’s nose bleeding like an open faucet and the fight was quickly waved off.

Judging by that performance his bodyguard should be breathing a big sigh of relief that McGregor and his team didn’t start trading blows on Friday night.

Still, ‘The Notorious’ did single him out for some choice words a day later in London, calling him a “Juice head turkey,” while informing him that, “you’ll do f*ck all!” as the crowd roared in approval.

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