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Mike Tyson bites off Evander Holyfield's ear during fight

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

This epic fight that took place on June 28th 1997, to many of the public was called "The Bite Fight". This fight was a rematch between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield after their amazing first fight where Evander Holyfield won by 11th round TKO, in a dominant breakout performance.

As for the rematch, this fight was one that many boxing fans were extremely excited for quickly but it quickly turned into one of the weirdest and most bizarre fight in combat sports history.

Now before it got weird, this fight seemed like a regular rematch between the two and the Tyson fans really believed that Mike would make some adjustments. Well, he kinda did, but they weren't in the form of boxing techniques.

So this fight sort of picked up from the last fight left off, which was a very physical fight that had lots headbutts, clinches, and close dirty boxing, which was due aggressiveness of each fighter.

But it wasn't until the third round where Mike Tyson tried to come out without a mouthpiece in, but TV Judge and boxing referee Mills Lane made Tyson put the mouthpiece back in his mouth.

Tyson came out with an onslaught of punches and looked to be extremely aggressive and trying to for a quick finish. This is the time where Mike was going to try out his new and outside-the-box technique. While trying to slow some of the combat down, the two engaged in a clinch where Mike Tyson wrapped his lips around Holyfield's ear and big a chunk right off.

Now, we would expect that if you bit someone's ear off the fight would be stopped, that was not the case. Mills Lane was thinking about stopping it, but after consulting with the ringside doctor, they decided to deduct two points from Tyson and let the fight continue.

While the bout continued, the two clinched again and you guessed it, Mike bit Evander's ear again, and once again the fight wasn't stopped. It wasn't until the round ended and the amazing damage from the two bites was discovered, and the fight was stopped, giving Evander Holyfield the victory by DQ.

For such a weird and bizarre fight, it really made the matchup between the two one that will be remembered in the history of boxing rivalries. Mike Tyson was suspended and fined $3 Million dollars.

In later interviews, Mike said that he bit him due to the brutal headbutts Evander landed in both fights. When asked about biting Evander's ear, Mike said, "It tasted like sh*t".

Let's flashback to this epic 90's night and watch the action as it was viewed on PPV.