Openly gay boxer deals with Twitter troll at barbershop

Openly gay boxer deals with Twitter troll at barbershop

Yusaf Mack is a former professional boxer who came out as openly gay in 2015 after being involved in a pornography scandal some years back. Needless to say, he’s probably dealt with a lot of homophobia especially coming from a macho sport like boxing.

In the following video, we see Yusaf Mack beat up an alleged online troll named Hector Echevarria who he says was harassing him online and making homophobic comments towards him.

The video takes place at a barbershop in Philadelphia called LA Clippers and in black culture the barbershop isn’t just a place to get your hair cut, it’s an institution. The alleged troll is already on the ground when the video starts and Yusaf Mack is over top of him, ground and pounding him.

He is clearly hitting him with very some hard shots too that make a lot of noise and all the guy on the bottom can do is cover up in the fetal position until others intervene. Yusaf even picks up an object to hit him with before finally walking away.

The boxer Yusaf Mack said to TMZ he was ‘sick and tired’ of the harassment he was receiving from the troll and is unapologetic as well saying he got what he deserved.

Since this has taken place, the troll has posted even more homophobic statements on Facebook so their feud is far from settled and according to Yusaf they are going to fight again.

Yusaf Mack (born January 20, 1980) is an American former professional boxer and pornographic actor.

On November 17, 2000, Mack made his professional boxing debut defeating Willie Lee via TKO in the second round.

He has held regional titles from the USBA (Now the IBF), NABA, UBA, and NABF. Mack has fought several former world champions, including Alejandro Berrio, Glen Johnson and Carl Froch. [Source: Wiki]

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