School bully picks on MMA-trained kid – pays for it

School bully meets kid with some serious MMA skills

Chances are you’ve seen dozens of street fights. Those virtually always unfold in the same way: they’re messy, the technique is non-existent and it’s painful to watch. The following altercation, though, is different…

The street fight takes place in a school. A kid wearing a black t-shirt can be seen walking towards a kid in red and shoving him, twice. The fact that the kid in black asked his friends to record the altercation beforehand clearly shows that it’s a bullying situation. Unfortunately for the bully, the kid in the red t-shirt is having none of this.

The two square off, and the kid in red throws a neat right hand that connects with the bully’s jaw, making his head snap back. He then proceeds to throw a textbook switch head kick that lands, too. Judging by the kid’s stand-up skills, he clearly trains in MMA, and I’d be willing to bet he’s really good at it too.

The sequence that follows is INSANE… The MMA-trained kid takes the bully down with a body-lock/scissor sweep combo and mounts him. He then unleashes a BARRAGE of hard punches that stun the bully, before taking his back and going for a neat, beautiful, f**king flying armbar! All of that in mere seconds!

The bully doesn’t tap but can’t move either; he’s done. The altercation is eventually broken up by two nearby kids.

The way the kid in red defended himself was beautiful. It’s rare to see even half-decent technique in street fights, which makes the kid in red’s prowess even more awesome. His striking technique was nearly flawless, his footwork excellent, and his grappling skills off the charts… AND he exhibited all of that in order to defend himself against a bully. Bravo!

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