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Alabama tough guy tries to bully skinny kid with a little training - bites off WAY more than he can chew

Chris Rumsey, who has trained a little, stands up to a far larger bully in this mutual combat from Alabama.
Local tough guy tries to bully skinny TKD student - bites off more than he can chew

Local tough guy tries to bully skinny TKD student - bites off more than he can chew

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Bullies suck. 

Some bullies are also victims, and learn their behavior from bullying parents or siblings. Some bullies are simply insecure and feel they need to put on a tough-guy face. However, while there are a lot of reasons someone can become a bully, but there are zero 'right' reasons. And sometimes, karma steps in; those moments can be a very entertaining thing to watch.

In the video below, the local tough guy runs into a skinny, unassuming, smaller kid - things don't go the way he planned them. The local tough guy tries to flex in front of the crowd that has gathered, to show them he is the person they think he is. However, he quickly learns he's not as tough as he thought, and that becomes increasingly more apparent as the seconds tick by. 

He's clearly figured out that he doesn't know how to fight as well as he thought he did. Unfortunately, bullies rarely learn their lesson and just move on to their next victim. However, the ones who fight back - win or lose - typically suffer less abuse later.


Who is The Real Bully?

Some have questioned the bully narrative here, but a comment indicates that the characterization is correct:
Rexie Rex: The little guy is my nephew. The bigger guy was the bully and was trying to intimidate everyone, so my nephew stepped up and accepted the challenge. He is actually a great kid. He was on the news last week for saving a waitress at O'Charley's in Mobile, AL, when a robber put her in a choke hold. He went around the bar, and hit the guy and knocked him down, and he chased him out. He isn't actually an MMA fighter. He just had a rough early life and did a little training at a gym. He is definitely not aggressive.

Now you could be saying that that's just a YouTube comment. But the story checks out.

Chris Rumsey went to O’Charley’s Sunday evening to pick up a to-go order after a soccer game. Witnesses say a man busted through the door, started yelling and smashing plates.

“A waitress on the other side of the bar ends up yelling at him and whatever she said upset him because he grabbed her in a chokehold and grabbed a giant food tray as some kind of weapon,” said Rumsey. “And at that time I came around the right of the bar and as soon as I did, he let go of her and came at me, so I punched him in the face. He ended up slipping under and taking off running and I chased him out.”

Rumsey said O’Charley’s offered him 25 percent off of his next order for his actions.

Technical Breakdown

Local tough guy tries to bully skinny TKD student - bites off more than he can chew

Local tough tries to bully skinny young guy - bites off more than he can chew

With that said, let's break down this Mutual Combat in Alabama vs. a Bully.

There is a guy in Rex-Kwon-Do pants who hits the gym every day, but is not used to getting hit, as we saw. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.

The scene opens with the bully flexing , and someone in the crowd exclaims, "That's a bad mother f***er." If that comment was directed at Chris Rumsey, he's right.

The first thing the bully does is jab, which is a safe way to get a reaction, keep yourself protected, reference distance, and much more. However, the jab is thrown, twice, from an absurd distance, betraying a lack of experience, or someone with some training who is utterly overwhelmed emotionally.

Chris Rumsey backs up. Having a keen sense of distance management is vital for effective martial arts, and it can appear to be running, to be fear. That's what the big guy thought, and, emboldened, he start to attack with everything he has.

If your opponent knows what you are going to do, you are at a disadvantage, you have given your opponent a "tell." The big guy repeatedly moves forward explosively, which can be dealt with a number of ways, not all of which may have been in the skinny kid's skill set. By contrast with the big guy, Rumsey, the skinny kid, is wisely moving in and out, so the big guy does not know what distance they are apart at any given moment.

The skinny kid is in a Southpaw stance (fights with his right side forward) indicating he is left-handed. He is significantly bladed (sideways), which allows for fast in and out movement, but hugely compromises the ability to defend against low kicks and lower body takedowns. However, the big guy had zero apparent skill with either low kicks or takedowns, so the stance was appropriate. 

The big guy is in if anything an even more bladed stance, employs the high, hopping stance characteristic of Taekwondo, and once feints a lead leg kick, all of which indicate that he may have had a background in the Korean art.

One of the central rules when you are a Southpaw is to keep your lead leg outside your opponent's lead leg, so that your rear hand and rear leg are lined up to land. Further indicating his lack of skill, the big guy's short jabs are near worthless against a Southpaw, even if they were in range, which they are not.

The skinny kid is trying to keep his lead foot to the outside, but is unable to initially, and his first attacks fall short. However, when the foot is finally on the outside, he launches yet another kick, and it lands to the head or neck. 

About the big guy, you can say definitively, "It was at this moment that he knew he f***ed up."  You an see the bravado drain from the big guy's face.

He starts methodically hopping backwards. Rumsey continues attacking, throwing a low body kick, which brings the arms and attention down, and then lands a straight to the face. The big guy then goes so far as to turn his back, a classic sign of someone who no longer wants to be there. He then holds his palm out, in a stop motion. That doesn't work.

The hopping backwards continues. Even more tellingly, the big guy transfers his weight from his front to his back leg, a massive mistake. With just slightly more weight on the front leg, shots land harder. With significantly more weight on the back leg attack and defense is massively compromised (sorry Karate Kid, but that's true).

The big guy is now trying to back his way to another time and place, so much so that a woman in a red t-shirt stops him and directs him back into thefray. It was then that the skinny kid finds his inner GSP, and lands a Superman Punch.

At this point the skinny kids remains in his bladed Southpaw stance, constantly playing with the distance between the two of them. The big guy is essentially stationary, and permanently faded back, a near worthless position. 

The crowd senses it is over, and kindly breaks it up before anyone is seriously hurt, which is a always a possibility in a streetfight. There was one potentially dangerous moment where a young woman attempts to break it up by grabbing one of Rumsey's arms. Luckily the bully was not throwing punches at that moment, or it could have been dangerous, causing more violence, rather than less.

A safe way to break up a fight is to shout that the police are coming.

And lastly, Chris Rumsey, you deserve more than 25% off at O’Charley’s. Man, I owe you a whole meal. If you're reading this, email me,

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