Two local Kung Fu schools have challenge fight with KO finish

Two local Kung Fu schools have challenge fight with KO finish

Wing Chun martial artist Pierre Francois Flores has been making headlines in Vietnam recently due to his full-contact challenge fights in the region, but this is not a new pursuit for the Canadian, as can be seen from this video dating back to 2003.

The footage was taken at the Shaolin Wing Chun Nam Anh Kung Fu School in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and shows Flores engaging in a challenge-fight with a student from a local Pak Mei school.

Pak Mei (also known as Bak Mei, Pak Mee, Pai Mai, and Pei Mei), is a form of Kung Fu named after one of the Five Elders of Shaolin that is inspired by the ferociousness of a tiger and the sharpness of a leopard and focuses on harnessing explosive power.

Elements of the Shaolin Snake, Crain, and Dragon styles are also found in the Pak Mei style of fighting.

The Wing Chun style favored by Flores is also a form of Kung Fu that specializes in close contact combat and operates within the philosophy of simultaneous attack and defense, while often utilizing rapid-fire punches and kicks.

The bald-headed, bearded fighter in the video is Flores, who slowly circled around his dark-haired opponent as the bout began, then attacked with a lead leg head kick that did land, but not hard enough to trouble his opponent.

Soon after the Pak Mei practitioner attempted to return the favor with one of his own, but his kick was blocked. After his opponent then lands a roundhouse kick to the body, Flores responds with a sidekick to the same area.

There’s a brief lull in the action, then Flores goes to the body again with a sidekick.

The Pak Mei student lands a low leg kick and Flores immediately retaliates with two punches followed by a head kick that connects cleanly and KO’s his opponent.

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