72-year-old Wing Chun master teaches street punk a HARD lesson

72-year-old Wing Chun master teaches 22-year-old street punk a HARD lesson
72-year-old Wing Chun master teaches 22-year-old street punk a HARD lesson

Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts have always been a bit of a mystery in the martial arts world. Upon first glance, they don’t seem to have the most effective training and are a little outdated.

Occasionally though, some evidence surfaces that makes you think again about the effectiveness of Chinese martial arts and perhaps there is something to them that western or modern martial arts are missing. The following YouTube video is an example of that kind of evidence.

According to the brief description of the YouTube video “Li Sifu is out teaching his students one night when a drunk 22-year-old street punk approaches, challenges, and then jumps the old Sifu.”

Now it is unclear how the conflict really began as the footage begins as the physical confrontation is occurring so we’ll just have to go with the description. The old Sifu smacks his younger opponent a few times then throws him to the ground where he attempts to restrain him by first grabbing his throat then trying to pin him down with his foot. Neither are effective though as the troublemaker is able to get back to his feet easily.

It looks as if the confrontation is over at first but it starts back up again. The 72-year-old once again smacks him a few more times then grabs his arm in a throw attempt that turns into an arm lock, then kicks him over like he’s nothing

It’s pretty amazing that a 72-year-old is able to completely control the much younger man with any sort of martial art. Though, it’s not like he was fighting back all that hard or posed much of a serious threat.

One of the benefits of Chinese martial arts and other traditional arts is they are much easier on the body compared to Muay Thai or BJJ. For older people, it might be a better avenue to train in kung fu or karate as a means of softer self-defense training.

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