WATCH: Foolish tough guy gets hit with a one-piece-and-soda kick by Wushu world champ

wushu world champ

Some folks like their humble pie to include a good old-fashioned kick to the face. One Wushu world champ was nice enough to offer one man a beautiful dish in an entertaining tasting session.

In the embedded video below, a silly shlub of a man challenges a 1997 Wushu world champion from Romania. For the uninitiated, Wushu is a Chinese martial art that has served as the base art for many future champions of the MMA world. Several members of the well-known Filipino MMA gym Team Lakay — men like Eduard Folayang and Joshua Pacio — went on to become world champions in ONE Championship after years of training in the art of Wushu.

Wushu world champ scores on nasty head kick

The champ started with a hard leg kick and got the same by the challenger. The champion counter strikes him with a powerful left straight and then fools him with the oldest trick in the book. After throwing that first leg kick he got the amateur thinking low and scored high with a second kick to the head. Knocking his overmatched opponent down.

The man almost seems stunned by the shot, ala Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. The lighting fast knockdown was so impressive that the champ quickly seems to feel sorry for the poor sap and is the one that helps him back to his feet. As much as the kick is a highlight, the Wushu practitioner’s empathy for the man is quite honorable as he really doesn’t want to pummel this guy anymore.

Eventually, he does talk the man out of stupidly continuing and the fight ends. Nonetheless, the old dog showed his kick game is as lethal and speedy as ever in this impromptu life lesson and sparring session.

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