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TikTok social media influencer challenges pro MMA fighter

Popular Tiktoker Kristijan Jevdjovic decided to test himself, agreeing to spar five rounds vs. pro MMA fighter nicknamed "The Skull Crusher."

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Marko Bojkovic is a lightweight MMA fighter from Belgrade, Serbia. "The Skull Crusher" was 2-0 as an amateur, then turned pro in 2021, and is now 3-0 in the pro ranks. The majority of his fights end inside the distance; he's a badass.

For reasons that may always remain baffling, it is common for entirely untrained individuals to challenge trained MMA professionals to spar. It's widely known that anyone who tries to defend themselves in court has a fool for a client. No one figures they can put out a house fire. But for fighting, an unhealthy percentage of the male population thinks they can fight vs. someone who fights for money.

Bro, you don't know me.

Bro, you don't know me.

In this case, popular Tiktoker Kristijan Jevdjovic decided to test himself, agreeing to spar five rounds. However, it's a little like testing how quickly you can swim 100 meters, when you can't swim.

Jevdjovic plods forward predictably, attempting some semblance of a jab-straight combination, from his hips. Every attack and movement in MMA has to be unpredictable, and Jevdjovic might as well have hung out a sign saying, "In 2 seconds, I will wander forward with my arms outstretched like Frankestein's monster, so don't take me down with a double, or anything."

The fighter shoots, lifts the TikToker up, and then slams him down next to the fence. From there he transitions to Mount, Back Mount, and sinks a rear naked choke. The choke is defended via an elbow to the body; you can't make this up. TikTok then goes to sleep, and, oddly, a teammate of the fighter's struggles to pull the choke off, eventually succeeding via an armbar attempt.

Then the whole class cheers.


"Respect for the guy, he stood behind his words and came to the sparring session," wrote the fighter in the video caption. "Of course, I worked with 10% power because, above all, I am a professional and that is fair."

This is far from an isolated incident. If anyone knows how to put the word out that people are not good at fighting without proper training, that would be useful.

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