$25k bet was placed on Mariya Agapova

MMA is so unpredictable that many gamblers find the best returns come from betting on the underdogs.

At UFC on ESPN 15, Mariya Agapova was the -1400 favorite, while Shana Dobson was +800. A bet of say $25,000 on Agapova would earn $1775. By contrast, a $222 bet on Dobson would earn the same $1775 payout.

On Saturday night, Agapova launched a wild windmill attack in Round 1, gassed hard, and was stopped by Dobson via Ground n Pound at 1:38 of Round 2. It was the biggest underdog win in UFC history, eclipsing the -1250 that Holly Holm faced vs. then undefeated Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in 2015, and the -1300 that Matt Serra faced vs. GSP at UFC 83 in 2008.

Vegas Dave made $240,000 betting $20,000 on Holm. Someone bet $25,000 on Agapova vs. Dobson, but they didn’t bet the dog.

At the post-fight press conference, Dobson talked about it.

“I stumbled upon the odds last week when I was trying to bet, trying to make some money on the fights last week,” said Dobson. “And I was like ‘Damn, they really done me!’ So you know, that was a little more fuel in the tank for me.”

Dobson was asked if she had a message for the anonymous bettor.

“Damn. Sorry man,” she replied, laughing. “If you bet $25,000 on me, hit me up. Cash at me, gimme some of that!”

Dobson did in fact have some extra cash coming at her, as she won an additional $50,000 performance bonus.

h/t Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania

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