Anderson Silva: Conor McGregor is the best fighter in the sport

Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in UFC history. During a recent interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Silva argued that Conor McGregor is the best fighter in the UFC today. Silva had advocated earlier this year for a fight vs. Anthony Pettis or McGregor, but is now fighting Uriah Hall at UFC on ESPN+ 40 on October 31.

Okamoto asked Silva,”Last question about Conor, what would’ve happened if you guys had fought? What do you think would’ve happened?”

Silva’s reply will doubtless find some detractors, but given the source, it has be to be lent some credence.

“Wow, that’s very interesting, you know. It’s two big strikers, and I think for me, is a good challenge myself,” replied Silva. “And challenge every single martial arts technique I’ve trained my entire life. You know, because Conor is a very athletic, is a very technique, and he’s a good striker.

“And in my mind, it’s just you know, everybody fight with Conor and don’t realize that Conor is the best one in this sport. And try to doing something better than Conor, but this is not happen, because Conor is so smart, you know? Conor have the different time for everybody inside the cage.

“You know, especially when you fight for strikers, you know? Of course, when you see the fight, Conor with Khabib, it’s completely different. Khabib is the beast, you know? But when you’re talking about strikers, this is a good fight for fans.”

What do you think UG:
•Is Conor McGregor the best fighter in the sport?
•How would the middleweight and sometimes light heavyweight Silva at 45 have gone vs. the former featherweight, now lightweight, and sometimes welterweight McGregor at 32?
•Is Anderson Silva the greatest fighter in UFC history?

h/t Brady Briggs for Low Kick MMA

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