Andrade KOs Namajunas with vicious slam to win women's strawweight title

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The main event of UFC 237 featured a women's strawweight title fight between champion Rose Namajunas and top contender Jessica Andrade.

Rose Namajunas came out in the UFC 237’s main event fast, mean and on point — just like you’d expect from a world champion. In the second round, she ended up unconscious on the ground as the city of Rio howled in celebration.

Brazil’s own Jessica Andrade weathered the early storm before dealing the death blow midway through the second round. More directly, she landed a slam that knocked Namajunas out cold. The end came at the 2:58 mark of the second round, in a fight that Namajunas had thoroughly dominated up until that point.

“I was very certain of what I had to do in that second round,” Andrade said in the post-fight interview. “You know, I never thrown that move, I’d never pile-drived in the UFC. That’s my nickname, so I’m very happy to do that. I noticed she was slowing down, and I wanted to be able to knock her out. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, too.”


Official Result: Jessica Andrade defeated Rose Namajunas (Slam, Round 2, 2:58)


Round 1 – Namajunas shifting laterally to start. She’s pumping a jab and moving in and out of range. Andrade holding the center, but she’s getting touched up. Jab has already busted up Andrade’s left eye. Andrade kicks the legs a bit. Namajunas jab just popping her opponent’s head back. Andrade lifts Namajunas in the air and slams her on the floor, but Namajunas has the kimura grip and turns to an arm. It looks close, but Andrade pops out. Tense moments there. Back to the feet, and Namajunas with a quick takedown, but they don’t stay on the floor. Back to the feet, and Namajunas’ striking is absolutely on point. Blood surrounds the left eye. Andrade trying to attack, but the left hook landing clean for Namajunas. She stuns Andrade, who falls to the canvas. Namajunas swarms in. Andrade scrambles back to her feet. Namajunas controls the head briefly, but Andrade pulls away. Low kick for Andrade. The counter hooks still landing clean for Namajunas. Andrade trying to push forward with power punches. They finish in the clinch, and MMA Junkie gives it to Namajunas, 10-9.
Round 2 – Andrade with a few leg kicks to start. Namajunas continues to pump the jab and land the left hook. Her speed and accuracy is doing damage. Andrade trying to pressure and turn it into a brawl. Namajunas just too technical right now. Andrade is firing out big hooks. She’s kicking the leg, as well. That’s her best weapon so far. Andrade rushes forward and into a clinch. Namajunas immediately with the kimura grip. Andrade lifts her in the air and slams her to the floor, and Namajunas is out. Slam knockout. Vicious.


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