Askren on kerfuffle with Usman: I'm under his skin

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Ben Askren and Kamaru Usman had words backstage following weeks of bitter Twitter quarreling. During a recent appearance on 

“Can you believe Marty put @Benaskren “Do you know me?” @USMAN84kg “Yeah” “you don’t know me” “Alright break it up” @danawhite Watch Full episode of The Anatomy of UFC 235 EP. 1 @lionheartasmith @ufc @bokamotoESPN

— Will Harris (@TheeWillHarris) February 3, 2019

“He wasn’t gonna do nothing because that’s not who he is. He wants to act like he’s this crazy, insane tough guy but I knew him from before and he’s not. He’s smart, he’s reasonable and for whatever reason, this is the persona that he wants to play, that’s he’s this tough, crazy guy who will fight anyone at anytime. It’s just silly and ridiculous. At no point was he ever threatening me.

“Listen, I offered to fight you. I don’t know how else you want to settle this. I thought that was a fair way to settle it. So I thought it was just all around ridiculous.”

“I am under your skin so bad that I say one thing - I said, ‘Am I sitting next to Marty?’ and he got all pissed,” Askren said. “And the funny thing is, he’s not even like, ‘Marty’s not my name, don’t call me Marty.’ . . He’s not even denying that Marty is his name so I don’t even know what he’s mad about! What is he mad about? I’m so far under his skin and so far in his head it’s not even funny.”

Usman challenges Askren's teammate Tyron Woodley for the 170 belt at UFC 235 on March 2. The same night, Askren fights Robbie Lawler. If both Usman and Askren win, a title shot should happen. And if both Usman and Askren lose, the fight should happen too.