Bill Goldberg: Why I never pursued an MMA career

Former WCW and WWE champion Bill Goldberg spoke recently with TMZ Sports and was asked whether he could have cut it as a professional MMA fighter. Goldberg’s professional wrestling persona was based on that of an MMA fighter, right down to the gloves, but the 6′ 4″ 285-pound former football player did possess legitimate combat sports skills.

“When it comes to MMA, I had one of the largest MMA gyms in the country back in the late 90s,” said Goldberg. “To train alongside those guys was a dream of mine. When Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman, and Don Frye were training at my place and told me how much money they were making, it did not take me a second to figure out what the right choice to make was.”

“I love Muay Thai; I love mixed martial arts. It is ingrained in me. I am friends with the pioneers of this business and I have been around. I am greatly appreciative of what Dana White and those guys have done in this business and how far it has come.”

“I think my standup skills would have played well. I don’t think a lot have people have any idea as to what I have done in the past in Muay Thai. I would be laughed at in the ground game. And the problem is I end up hurting myself more so than getting hurt by the other person. I will break a hand on someone’s face. At the end of the day I am my own worst enemy.”

What do you think UG? At 54 it’s obviously never going to happen, but how do you think would Goldberg have done in mixed martial arts in his prime?

Here’s …
… Goldberg hitting mitts in 2016
… Goldberg sparring in 2016

h/t Tarun Bhatt for Sports Keeda

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