Brave 19 weigh-ins bring tension, and beer, to the African jungle

Friday, December 07, 2018

Official weigh-ins conclude for the Brave 19 at the extraordinary Sun City resort in South Africa, with all fighters making weight. 

The event was definitely something completely different for the fairly quiet routine of the Coliseum at The Valley of Waves, in Sun City, South Africa. The place, surrounded by a wild animal sanctuary, saw some of the greatest international and national MMA fighters, plus some intense moments.

The highlight of the event was courtesy of the main event of the evening, between South Africa's Mark Hulme and USA's Adam Townsend. Wearing US-flag overalls, Townsend walked to the stage and cracked a light beer before stepping into the scale. While shaking hands with Brave officials, he made sure to say some provoking words to his opponent, who was standing there waiting for the staredown.

The faceoff, as imagined, was very intense and both athletes had to be separated by Brave president Mohammed Shahid. Afterward, Townsend guaranteed that, despite the tense situation, he's not intimidated. "I'm excited to fight a tough guy and for being in South Africa. He keeps looking at me, saying stuff but this is my 25th fight, this thing won't bother me, I'll show him what's the thing tomorrow night", Townsend said.

Mark Hulme didn't settle for less and promised a finish on Saturday's match. "I'm just happy to fight in South Africa again, it's been a while. All I want to do is put on a show for these fans and I will finish him on the second round", Hulme guaranteed.

Another unique moment of Brave 19 weigh-ins was the friendly encounter of Frans Mlambo and Dansheel Moodley, who replaced Arnold Quero with less than 36 hours for the fight. Mlambo explained the lack of animosity. "I have lots of respect for Moodley, for stepping in and taking this fight. I had given up, I was telling my family that I wouldn't be fighting in front of them but this warrior was ready and took the vacant place. I'm really happy for it", said the SBG Ireland boxer.

Adam Townsend - 77.4 kg, 170.3 lbs
Mark Hulme - 76.9 kg, 169.2 lbs

Frans Mlambo - 64.6 kg, 142.1 lbs
Dansheel Moodley* - 65.9 kg, 145.0 lbs

Paweł Kiełek - 77.4 kg, 170.3 lbs
David Bear - 77.3 kg, 170.0 lbs

Dino Bagattin - 77.2 kg, 169.8 lbs
Carl Booth - 76.8 kg, 169.0 lbs

Abdul Hussein - 57.1 kg, 125.6 lbs
Sylvester Chipfumbu - 57.1 kg, 125.6 lbs

Gareth Buirski - 65.3 kg, 143.7 lbs
Cedric Doyle - 65.9 kg, 145.0 lbs

Dimitri Fogg - 82.5 kg, 181.5 lbs
Carlos Graca - 83.5 kg, 183.7 lbs

Nkosi Ndebele - 66.0 kg, 145.2 lbs
Ahmed Faress - 66.0 kg, 145.2 lbs

Hanru Botha - 69.7 kg, 153.3 lbs
Alex Martinez - 70.1 kg, 154.2 lbs

Amateurs will weigh in tomorrow:
Francois Meyer
Jon Paul Ronge

Brave 19 takes place this Saturday (08), at the Super Bowl, in Sun City, South Africa.

*Late replacement for Arnold 'Silverback' Quero who could not make weight and withdrew at 11:30 p.m. Thursday night